“It’s extremely exciting from a research point of view because this really does offer that holistic view of the patient. […] The long-read sequencing technology and the activity that we’re doing with this multimodal data is really cutting-edge, it’s moving research forward, because we want to have a better experience for the patient and ensure they’ve got quicker diagnosis. […] There’s a potential that with the multimodal platform that there could be some genomic indicators for early detection of cancer. ” 

In this week’s episode of The G Word #sciencepodcast, our Head of Public Engagement Vivienne Parry is joined by Emma McCargow, Programme Lead for the Cancer 2.0 programme. Emma is responsible for operating the day-to-day delivery of the strategic genomics agenda in Cancer 2.0, which includes maximising patient benefit and enhancing cancer research. Emma was also recently involved in our Innovation Showcase 2021 and was part of the Cancer 2.0 session – Integrating long-read sequencing technology and multimodal data.

Today Emma talks about how genomics gives us new insights into what’s happening with cancer and how this helps guide clinicians in how they decide to treat their patients. She also discusses long-read sequencing, and how this newly-developed technique has benefited studies and programmes and has given insight into various complex cancers.

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